World of Good Card

World of Good Card

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World of Good Card

You buy a $200 gift card for future travel, we give you a bonus $50 and make a donation to our CEOs.

The World of Good Card is good for you and, well, the world. Part digital gift card, part “free” money, part support fund. 

You buy a gift card for yourself, family, or friends for $200 USD* that can be put towards a future trip, we add on a bonus $50 to your card and then make a $50 donation to our CEO Wellbeing Fund on your behalf. Oh, and then our founder, Bruce Poon Tip, will personally match that donation, bringing the total amount to $100.

That’s $250 for you, $100 for the fund. Sound good? We thought so too.


*Limit one card use per booking.

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